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Picture0012222The year 2015 revolved around one single event, the leading up to it, and then the messy fallout afterwards. This single event was my speech to The London Forum on October 3, 2015. It is an apt metaphor for the NSPNA’s past and ongoing struggles and challenges.

Odd as it may be for an entire year to revolve around one event, it is indicative of where and how the NSPNA stands as a fledgling political party. It was important to get the speech right. As one supporter, at the time, who was present posted to his Facebook, “Seb is killing it!” It was a good National Synergist speech. Therein lay its hope and, ultimately, the betrayals that followed in its wake. The cowardly, the squeamish, the hesitant, and the White Nationalist tourists who had tagged along for the ride, they who had actually believed that their clumsy attempt at co-opting the Party would work, departed our company. Amerikans simply do not do well with being second best. The soft supporters and the curious were brought right up to the line which they would not or could not cross; they then ran away and, as usual, proceeded to inverse the blame. The usual, vulgar, and shoddy attempts at the character assassination of my person followed. This has been the pattern now for several years.

As a watershed event, the speech served its purpose: both supporters and saboteurs were flushed out into the open. The small and insignificant gaggle of traitors has done us a great favour by willingly identifying themselves. The distance and distinction between relevant Ethno Nationalism and irrelevant, Amerikan White Nationalism have been further clarified. The edge of the vanguard blade, as has been identified by our Policy Positions, has been sharpened some more. Our quality overrides their myopic ideological perspective and petulant quantity.

To fully own the NSPNA’s devolutionist and secessionist program, it is essential to gut the Globalist identities of “Kanadian” and “Amerikan.” Obviously, this is a radical and brutal twist; the shift will not happen overnight. Making the existential transition to secessionist identities will be a stumbling block for some time yet.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our supporters who stepped up to the plate to finance the flight to London. For them it was necessary on behalf of the NSPNA to deliver to the best of my ability. That I did. I would like to thank Jez Turner of The London Forum for having issued the invitation to speak.

I would like to thank our members for endorsing the Party’s name change to the National Synergist Party of North America at our 2015 AGM. I would like to thank Paul Donnelly for his tireless work to redesign the jacket cover for the publication of the second edition of my book, ANSCHLUSS: The Politics of Vesica Piscis. Both of these corporate actions were crafted and intended to dovetail with the speech, which they did. Our limited assets were pulled together at one point. The stage was set; the pin was pulled. The traitors and cowards amongst us flocked like rabid hyenas.

I would like to thank Kai Murros for his support in London and as it continues to this day.

The first-generation NSPNA (US), under the terribly weak and questionable “leadership” of its Chairman, has folded. For the time being, there is only one official NSPNA, the Kanadian party. Preliminary discussions to found a British National Synergist party went nowhere; the suicidal blindspot of British nationalism is firmly entrenched. Careful probing is currently underway to launch the second-generation Amerikan party; the political scope of our continental devolutionist and secessionist position holds. To this end, the NSPNA has applied for the trademark rights to National Synergy with the Amerikan Office of Patents and Trademarks. In a political environment that teems with thieves and sluts, this was necessary to do.

We may yet be too sophisticated with our long-range agenda for the average Amerikan psyche, especially that of White Nationalists, to comprehend. Our targeted support of 10 percent that will eventually come over is further confirmed. It is an uphill battle at the pioneer stage. As the hammer of collapse smashes down upon the anvil of existential Angst and discomfort, they will come to us.

In order to introduce the NSPNA’s brand of Ethno Nationalism and its role in a post-collapse world, the line in the sand has been drawn; the position laid down by the London Forum speech holds: Amerikan White Nationalism is a redundant and failed political sentiment with a Manifest Destiny agenda of cultural imperialism, an agenda that has been marginally successful in the painfully ignorant and cucked Anglosphere only. That Amerikan White Nationalists now find themselves openly represented by a media-darling, Jewish homosexual merely adds a sweet and comic tonic to our vindication. Atlanticists wander aimlessly, spent and identityless, even as they bellow and exchange cyberspace Roman salutes.

We have neither the tactical space, the patience, nor the time to entertain and pander to ideological bedwetters and ontological Niggers.

The NSPNA’s revolutionary edge is its holistic and Total Ecology approach to nationalist politics, wherein race is a secondary element for political conduct. All nationalism is Ethno Nationalism. This has been clearly relayed to the public via our Three Pillars. It only stands to reason that there is not going to be an immediate, overwhelming acceptance of our proposals; we are roughly 20 years ahead of the curve. The Hurt of collapse, total and unconditional, must set in to a degree that cannot even be imagined at this comfortable, liberal time in order to pave the way for our legitimacy and eventual, tactical acceptance.

The perception of political reality has been rattled; the condition of total and unconditional societal collapse comes to us, we need not chase it. Collapse is a friend, an ally, our most valuable asset. This will be a century of die-off and cull. When we say, “Worse is better”, we mean it. With this strategic principle in mind, we have endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Presidency of the United States. We have absolutely no interest nor stake in supporting the orange wrestling promoter and his con to “Make Amerika Great Again.” This degree of slobbering political necrophilia is repulsive, to say the least. Collapse really is both tomb and womb. The Empire is finished; it is a cadaver.

Prancing around in cyberspace political make-believe is easy. Taking steps to eventually challenge for actual political leverage not quite so. This we have done, albeit in preliminary and limited ways, at least that much is done. We strongly encourage Kanadians to take out Party membership with the NSPNA so that we can reach our next goal of registration status with Elections Canada. We crawl before we walk. We compromise for no one, least of all for transparent entryists and spineless, gawking tourists.

The NSPNA Executive has charted a simple, concrete course for 2016 comprised of two, major flanks. The actions, both corporate and street related to this course, will begin to become apparent during the course of the year. Heads will turn and take note. We are bold and creative with our fascist initiatives in a manner that few will yet recognize. Where our financial limitations may hinder our progress, our clarity of vision and commitment more than make up, at this stage, for the shortfall.

As pioneers, we fully recognize the public’s hesitance to perceive and endorse what they now grudgingly learn on a daily basis must eventually become a necessity. That is always the difficult road to take. The easier path of clutching onto bygone delusions slip into the mist of history. We fully understand that it is not easy having to admit, and then taking appropriate political action, that one’s ethno-racial heritage is in process of being replaced by the Kanadian Globalist State. The process has a simple name; it is called “replacement population.” It is not the fear of failure that must be overcome; it is the Godawful fear of relative success with its concomitant horrors of responsibility, performance, accountability, and sacrifice and which are, accordingly, cowardly sabotaged behind the motive of great liberal confusion, false comfort, and assorted poser and liberal bullshit on all sides of the ideological and political equation.

The decadent neuroses, shortcomings, and general historical bankruptcy of “the Left” are a given; it is yesterday’s news; most people in the loop know this. In order to arrive at the Third Positionist Center, the very same suffocating hindrances must be addressed on “the Right.”

As was humbly, proudly, and shamelessly proclaimed via the London Forum speech: “We are National Synergists, and we have arrived.” The NSPNA already perceives and charts the counter-revolution, the only revolution that has ever really mattered. We position ourselves slowly, persistently, and carefully.

We persevere where others give up. We hold fast where others run away. We spot our opportunity and crawl towards it where others are blind and crippled. We follow through with the concrete work and performance that are so alien to cyberspace posturing. We conduct ourselves with integrity upon an ocean of decadence, dysfunction, and profanity in order to prepare ourselves for acceptance by a partnered, European-heritage vanguard of Kanada’s professional, hi-tech, managerial, and middle classes with the backbone of the military and rural society. The poser Untermensch, the marginalized and the forgotten, have little to nothing to say, although they are more than welcome to tag along for the ride.

At that place where the Industrial Era dichotomy of Left and Right has been historically displaced by Sacred and Profane, the NSPNA scratches and claws its way forward and towards The Sacred. Even though our message is embryonic, it is fat with latency and relative historical truth. For self-deceived cowards our message is seen and spun as its opposite.

Everything is always right on schedule. Even when slightly bloodied, we do the right things in order to ensure that the consequences of our actions unfold to our advantage. We continue to win first in order to fight later. The lazy, the traitors, and the tourists who have departed our company are a distant memory. They are nothing.


Sebastian E. Ronin

President, National Synergist Party of North America